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"Gydda"- raw fleece (100% Shetland)

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My sheep are not coated, so there will be some vegetable matter in this raw fleece. I have skirted out all the icky bits, and you will receive all of the clean wool from the neck, back, legs, and sides. Some sections may be slightly matted, but were very easy to pull apart as I was skirting! I have tumbled this fleece to remove as much VM as possible. There may be a few burrs in this fleece - I went over it very carefully to check (and will do so again before I send your order!). I'm happy to answer any questions you might have about his fleece, or to send you more pictures.

Weight: 4 pounds 3 ounces

Average staple length is around 4-5" (some longer, some shorter sections)

This fleece is SE2SE eligible - please write me a note so I can include your sticker.