"Lily" raw fleece (100% Shetland)


This is the 2019 fleece from my 100% Shetland ewe, Lily. She has a fawn colored fleece, with some sections a darker, reddish-brown color, and was hand sheared. She has consistently given me soft, even fleeces that are a pleasure to work with. As shown in the pictures, she has some very crimpy areas, and some areas that are more wavy.

Lily was not coated, so there will be vegetable matter in this raw fleece. I have skirted out all the icky bits and matted sections. I will put your order in the fiber tumbler before sending to get as much VM out as I can. There may be a few burrs in her fleece - I went over it very carefully to check (and will do so again before I send you your order!).

Average staple length is around 4" (some longer, some shorter sections)

**Pricing is PER OUNCE - please change the quantity in your basket to reflect how many total ounces you want to order**

If you would like to buy by the POUND, or want to buy the whole fleece, message me and I will let you know exactly how much I have. 

This fleece is SE2SE eligible - please write a note so I can include your sticker. And as an SE2SE bonus, for each 3 ounces you buy, you will receive 1 more ounce free! Make sure to put the TOTAL number of ounces that you want in your cart, or it won't apply the discount!