100% Shetland wool yarn (157 yards)


1 skein of handspun, 100% Shetland sheep wool, and is a natural black color. It is not a solid black, but does have silvery fibers in it. The close-up photo shows the silver fibers better, but washes out the black coloring of the wool.

This is a 3-ply yarn, worsted weight, 157 yards (4.5 ounces).

This Shetland wool has a little "tooth" to it, and is very sturdy. This yarn would be great for a cowl, scarf, shawl, mittens, or blanket. I made a large shawl out of Shetland wool, and it is so very warm and comfortable!

This is 100% Shetland, and eligible for SE2SE - please add a note for me to include your sticker if you are participating!