"Missy" - entire raw fleece (100% Shetland)


This is the lamb fleece from my 100% Shetland ewe, Missy. Look at that color! From grey at the base, to a dark reddish-brown at the tips. It is a soft fleece, as well. She was hand-sheared. You will receive 2 pounds 14 ounces of fiber.

Missy was not coated, so there will be vegetable matter in this raw fleece. I have skirted out all the icky bits and matted sections. I will put your order in the fiber tumbler before sending to get as much VM out as I can. There may be a few burrs in her fleece - I went over it very carefully to check (and will do so again before I send you your order!).

Average staple length is around 4" (some longer, some shorter sections)

This fleece is SE2SE eligible - please write me a note so I can include your sticker.