"Ruby" - washed fleece (100% Shetland)


This specific washed raw fleece is from Ruby and is a lovely grey and silver color. The variations from lighter to medium greys/silver will give great depth to your yarn.

I like to have control of the whole "sheep to shawl" process, but I've also come to see that I have time and resource limitations! In that spirit, I have taken several fleeces to America's Natural Fiberworks mill, which is only about an hour from me, and had them do the first step in the processing. They tumble the raw wool to remove VM, then use Unicorn Power Scour to scour the wool. I pick up the cleaned wool, and can put my time and energy to the rest of the processing.

If you find yourself in the same boat - not enough time or resources to do the washing of the raw fleece, this is for you! As you can see from the pictures, there will still be some VM in the fleece, but it cards out quite easily. I have a drum carder and hand cards, and both worked very well to remove the remaining VM. I will also send your quantity through the fiber tumbler again to get as much of the VM out as I can.


**Pricing is PER OUNCE - please change the quantity in your basket to reflect how many total ounces you want to order**

If you would like to buy by Ruby's entire fleece, please go to the store and click on "RUBY - ENTIRE WASHED FLEECE".

This fleece is SE2SE eligible - please write me a note so I can include your sticker. And as an SE2SE bonus, for each 3 ounces you buy, you will receive 1 more ounce free! Make sure to put the TOTAL number of ounces that you want in your cart, or it won't apply the discount! So if you want 4 total ounces, put 4 ounces in your cart - if you only put 3 ounces in the cart, I will only ship 3 ounces. This discount does not apply to whole fleece orders.