Shetland raw fleece - black


This is being sold by the pound and at a discount, because it has a lot of VM and will require some work to clean it all out. I had to split the fleeces into smaller sections to be able to effectively use the fiber tumbler to remove VM. This will be a mix of several fleeces - some have reddish tips, some are all black, some are black with grey fibers. If you have a preference, I will do my best to get you "all black + grey and no red tips" but CANNOT GUARANTEE that I'll be able to fulfill that request.

Staple length is between 3-5" and all have been well skirted. I have left all the wool fit to use, including some of the neck wool that wasn't saturated with VM.

SOLD BY THE POUND - please add the number of pounds you would like to your cart.

I tried my best to get an accurate photo of the color, but I have not figured out the secrets of making black fleeces look black, and not washed out!