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"Shetland Sampler" - Shetland roving variety pack

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Processed at America's Natural Fiberworks in Somerville OH, these sturdy rovings will make durable and beautiful items! There is some VM in this roving, but I found that it either fell out during spinning or was very easy to pick out.

Shetland Sampler is 4 ounces total, and includes an equal amount of the colors I have on hand at time of ordering. Colors are all-natural and may include black (black may have grey fibers, depending on the fleece), white/cream, grey, browns. Greys and browns may range from light to dark shades. 

Sorry, no special requests for this Shetland Sampler pack!

SE2SE eligible - include a note at checkout if you need a sticker for your passport. 

*Photos have been taken in natural light to show the most accurate coloring, but your device may vary.